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Quality Acrylic Hangers with Clips

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Quality Acrylic Hangers with Clips
ITEM # 4105-06-07-11-12-15-16

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  • SLEEK & MODERN - Our Acrylic Hangers are essential for every closet. They're made of crystal-clear acrylic for a luxurious look and feel. 
  • HANGER SHAPE - Flat body can hold all shapes and styles of coats, skirts, trousers and dresses to keep your clothing in its perfect shape. Acrylic hangers with clips, you can hang pants with it no need to buy a special pants hanger.
  • DESIGNED FOR WARDROBE AND CLOSETS - These are the best organization accessories to make your closet look better and tidy. The thick clear acrylic construction and unique design ensure a static hold of your clothes.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - Set of 6, 12, or 32 Acrylic/Lucite hangers.
  • PERFECT STANDARD DIMENSIONS - Men's hanger measures 17.3 in. Length, Kid's hanger measures 14 in. Length, Baby's hanger measures 12 in. Length.


Shop our new line of "ACRYLIC HANGERS" to enhance you quality of living

The acrylic hanger set is a set of beautiful solid transparent acrylic hangers with gold or silver swivel hook that were designed professionally by our team of designers to create an airy look in confined closet spaces.

Luxuries Look

Beautifully designed to give your closet a luxurious and airy look. These hangers are very sleek and modern. It is sharp and neat with the modern style that only lucite provides.

Quality of Hangers

Our hangers are strong and sturdy and were built to last you a lifetime. These hangers are Non-slip and have tiny notches on the side to hold your clothes securely. YBM Home is a well known brand that provides high quality products for those who are longing for an upscale living, your welcome to check out our full hanger selection.

Join our satisfied customers who are already enjoying these new "ACRYLIC HANGERS" Shop now, you deserve it!

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