Hanging 10 Shelf Shoe, Footwear, Wardrobe Accessories Clothing Sorter Holder Closet Organizer Natural with Brown Trim 2203

ITEM # 2203
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Hanging 10 Shelf Shoe, Footwear, Wardrobe Accessories Clothing Sorter Holder Closet Organizer Natural with Brown Trim 2203
ITEM # 2203

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  •  HANGING SHELVES SHOE ORGANIZER - hanging shoe shelf neatly store shoes, keeping them off the floor for neat shoe storage; shoe hanger hangs on standard closet rod; sturdy hanger metal frame supports the shoe shelf; compare the hanging shoe organizer to an over the door shoe rack
  • FASHIONABLE SHOE HOLDER - comprised of 10 slots, is highly suitable as your best shoe storage and shoes organizer; the Natural Color closet shoe organizer is a compact and narrow hanging shoe storage, which takes up minimal space while eliminating clutter
  • UNIQUELY VERSATILE; sandals, slippers and other flat shoes just won't sit on shoe racks but this unique organizer holds anything. Not just for footwear; accessories and miscellaneous clothing will also find perfectly aerated storage space./p>
  • HANGING SHOE RACK CONSTRUCTION - reinforced seams sewn on heavy duty canvas shoe racks, are protected with trim for extra durability; compartments of the shoe caddy are made of sturdy cardboard material for longevity
  • Hanging shelf is 5.9 in. Wide, 11.8 in. Deep and 42.5 in. Tall Tough Breathable Fabric, Anti-mold, Moisture-free
  • COMPLETELY WASHABLE; don't worry about shoes leaving their dirty marks, just take it out of the closet and wash it with a wet cloth or soft brush, and voila!


If your closet floor is loaded with many shoes strewn about, then this hanging shoe shelf by Ybm Home is just the thing for you! It compactly fits in a space of just 5.9 inches. The hooks swivel 360* so it can perfectly fit into every closet. Place a pair of shoes in each of the 10 shelves, lined with heavy duty cardboard. Manufactured with care for durability and long life, the canvas shoe shelf has reinforced seams and a trim around the edges to ensure toughness, sturdiness, and quality.


Do you own many pairs of shoes and are tired of messy stacking and trying to find both shoes in a hurry? Would you like a super tough convenient shoe organizer that can hold many pairs of shoes together, and requires no complex assembly or mounting? If so, the YBM Home Canvas Shoe Hanging Organizer is the perfect choice for you!

Most cheaper shoe organizers are manufactured from wire and hold a few pairs of shoes. The Cloth Shoe Organizer can hold many pairs of shoes and easily secures both flat and high heeled shoes in the shoe pockets for easy storage without slipping and sliding as with wire shoe racks.
The Organizer hangs on standard closet rod no complicated assembly, simply hang it into your closet without hassle. The Organizer is manufactured from premium cloth material with super strong stitching to ensure the organizer won't loosen, and the edges are finished with a premium, non fray stitched material to ensure long lasting use.

The Cloth Shoe Organizer is a premium product with a number of key features, including:
-Securely hold pairs of shoes in cloth pockets, no dropping or sliding as with wire shoe racks.
-Many shoe pockets for organizing large shoe collections for easy access.
-Tough material construction to hold flat shoes or spiked heels.
-Reinforced edges to prevent fraying for long lasting use.

This 10 Compartment, Shelf hanging closet organizer can be used for a wide variety of items such as shoes, kids clothes, Towels, Wardrobe accessories like Belts, Jewelry, Scarves etc., craft supplies, electronics and more. Let Ybm Home be your closet organizing friend.