Set of 5 Bamboo Drawer Organizer Boxes

ITEM # 320-21-22-25-26set
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Set of 5 Bamboo Drawer Organizer Boxes
ITEM # 320-21-22-25-26set
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  • GREAT FOR ORGANIZING DRAWERS AROUND YOUR HOME - In need to put order and organization of your scattered drawer? These practical bamboo organizer boxes are the perfect solution to organize a bunch of items that roll around everywhere in the drawer
  • MIX AND MATCH OPTIONS FOR THE BEST CONFIGURATION - The 5 storage boxes are perfectly square at the corners and you can combine them with different sets to fill the right spaces. In them in the kitchen, vanity, office, bathroom, studio, and more
  • MADE OF FULLY MATURED BAMBOO - Our bamboo are harvested and processed at full maturity which has the strength and durability to craft and make organizers like these wooden storage boxes. It’s sustainable, eathly friendly, and better than plastic
  • FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE - We’ve seen this bamboo storage box set used for makeup organization, toiletries, razors, and creams. Some distribute other sets used in kitchen cabinets to organize medicines, cutlery, and office supplies in office
  • FITS MOST STANDARD DRAWERS - Set consists of 5 Bamboo Drawer Organizer Boxes. Sizes are as follows: 3x3, 3x6, 3x9, 6x12, and 6x9. All of them have a height of 2". Overall dimensions: (5 boxes together) 15" x 9" x 2." Height.


Turn a messy drawer into a regimented territory with these bamboo organizer boxes

Perfect Solution for Pesky Drawer Organization

These wooden boxes are functional and attractive storage solutions for your drawers around the house. Whether you need to tackle the mess for the junk drawer in the kitchen or want to find things inside much easier, these bamboo storage boxes provide exceptional organization to accommodate everything. Enjoy the nice feeling when you get to open up a clean, organized drawer instead of giant ball of clutter.

Multifunctional Design

Built with customization and practicality in mind, these drawer organizers comes in different sizes to easily mix, match, and arrange in any way you need them. Featuring 5 pieces sets, these boxes are great for organizing:

- Measuring spoons, cookie scoops, basting brushes, cutlery, and more in the kitchen drawers
- Makeup, cosmetics, creams, lotions, lipsticks and other accessories in the vanity drawers
- Medicines, vitamins, and supplements in the bathroom or kitchen cabinets
- And office supplies, arts & crafts supplies in the studio or office


- Made of Moso bamboo
- Includes 5 pieces
- Sizes are as follows: 3x3, 3x6, 3x9, 6x12, and 6x9. All of them have a height of 2"
- Overall dimensions ( 5 boxes put together): 15" x 9" x 2." Height

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