Organic Bamboo Cooking and Serving Utensils for Mixing and Stirring 11.5" (Set of 5)

ITEM # 345-46-47-48-49set
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Organic Bamboo Cooking and Serving Utensils for Mixing and Stirring 11.5" (Set of 5)
ITEM # 345-46-47-48-49set

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  • AN ELEGANT ADDITION TO THE KITCHEN - YBM Home brings you a wonderful collection of the most frequently used tools in any kitchen. These bamboo cooking serving utensils blends functionality and style to meet all your prepping needs as a home chef
  • AVOID PLASTIC, CHOOSE SUSTAINABILITY - Switch from plastic to renewable resources to be more environmentally friendly! Our wooden utensils are made of fully grown bamboo that is durable, non-staining, and safe for food manipulation
  • NEVER DAMAGE YOUR COOKWARE - Never let metal utensils scratch your expensive pots and pans. Invest in high quality bamboo cooking utensils that will not ruin your cookware and spend on new sets
  • GREAT GIFTS FOR COOKING ENTHUSIAST - Whether giving from mom to daughter or vice versa, these wooden cooking utensils set are a great present for housewarming gift, holidays, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Christmas and any special occasion
  • COMPLETE SET FOR MIXING AND STIRRING - You will receive 5 sets of bamboo kitchen utensils: 1 mixing spoon utensil, 1 slotted spoon utensil, 1 slotted spatula utensil, 1 rounded fork utensil, and 1 single hole spatula utensil


Add a natural striking look to your kitchen with these attractive Bamboo Utensils

Great for Daily Use

From stirring sauces to mixing foods and ingredients to serving salads and everything in between, these wooden utensils are the perfect functional cooking tools that you need to complement your home culinary skills. You will be able to use in tomato sauce, cranberry, sauce, curry, and marinating ingredients, and yet they won’t retain color or smell unlike plastic or low quality wood utensils after washing. Feel confident to equip your kitchen with premium tested tools to finish your cooking recipes with great results.

Eco-Stylish Quality

Handcrafted from Moso bamboo, these bamboo utensils spruce the kitchen with natural accent that matches well with your modern setting. Being a sustainable resource, bamboo is environmentally friendly, hygienic, and safe to use with food thanks to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. The long handles are ergonomic and intelligently designed to keep your hands at a safe distance when you cook in full gas.

Put a Blind Eye to Plastic, Choose Sustainable Wood

Although manufacturing brands say their plastic utensils are BPA-free, plastic are still hazardous for your health. Plastic is bad for the environment and let alone when you use it with foods. Instead, choose our eco-stylish utensils that are non-staining quality and never unleach any chemical into your foods. Our clients are impressed by the durability and functionality of our natural utensils.


- Measures: 11.5 inches
- Made of Moso Bamboo
- Hand wash only
- Safe for non-stick cookware