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Condiment Canisters Pots with Lids and Spoons

ITEM # 12101
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Condiment Canisters Pots with Lids and Spoons
ITEM # 12101

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  • STORE SPICES AND KEEP THEM FRESH - Designed for longer freshness of spices and clean storage, these jars are made of high-quality acrylic with a thickened bottom that keep condiments and spices from getting condensed that might eventually mold.
  • TRANSPARENT SEASONING JARS - Easily identify the variety of condiments and herbs inside the spice pots. The transparent design means you don’t need to label and know and what’s inside or how full the container is.
  • SEALED AND NON-SLIP - Each jar comes with a leak-proof rubber ring on its lid that offers a secure airtight seal to prevent spices and herbs from dust, moistures and getting damp, thus keeping seasonings fresh for a longer time.
  • CONVENIENT SPOON FOR UNIQUE USE - The bottom of the lid features a spoon which is molded-shape for inner storage and to only use with that specific condiment so you don’t mix with other ingredients.
  • LARGE SIZE CONDIMENT POTS - Add a pleasant and elegant look to your kitchen with these storage condiment containers. It’s ideal to keep close to the coffee maker or on the countertop. Each canister measures 5.35 x 3.05 x 3.8 in.


Keep all your spices and flavoring essentials fresh in one place with the YBM Home clear acrylic condiment canisters pot

Robust Canisters for Storing Variety of Seasonings

These condiment jars exhibit the modern way of what an efficient working kitchen should be equipped with. The clean lines and timeless design give a pleasant and harmonious decor while being convenient and functional for storage of seasonings, condiments, flavorings, and spices. Made of clear acrylic, these jars are perfect to store salt, sugar, pepper, herbs, garlic powder, cumin seeds, turmeric, ice cream toppings, and much more. The airtight lid and thickened bottom ensure freshness for a longer time.

Ideal for Kitchen, Optimal for Cafes and Business

The condiment pots have a sugar bowl size, measuring 5.35” x 3.05” x 3.8” inches. Each spice pot can be operated with one hand by untapping the lid and using the included spoon attached below the lid to scoop grams of condiment. It is sturdy and durable and features a comfort-grip handle to carry from countertop to cabinet and vice-versa. The jars are decorative, perfect for homes, buffets, cafes, and more.

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