Korkmaz MegaStockpot with Lid 45x30 cm 45.0 L. (47 Quart)

ITEM # a1950
Korkmaz MegaStockpot with Lid 45x30 cm 45.0 L. (47 Quart)
ITEM # a1950
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  • Size: 45x30 cm / 45 Liters
  • It is made of 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.
  • Super Thermo base.
  • In your need of plenty of food, it is your greatest help in cooking foods like a oure, halva, rice.
  • It is also ideal for industrial use.
  • Exquisitely polished exterior surfaces that protect their brightness.
  • Special safety guarded stainless steel handles and hills.
  • It provides maximum time and energy saving thanks to the Solar Base floor system which provides the highest heat transfer on all types of furnace including induction.


Korkmaz Mega Stockpot with Lid 45x30 cm 45.0 L. (47 Quart) A1950

Feature and Specifications:
- Body and cover made of high-strength Cr-Ni stainless steel grade 18/10.
- Triple encapsulated thick bottom, ensuring the best distribution and preservation of heat.
- Ergonomic non-heated steel handles are firmly fixed by spot welding.
- Special treatment of the inner surface of the dishes can be prepared without the addition of water or oil.
- Special aesthetic design with matt strips.
- Polished to shine surfaces that retain brightness for a long time
- Size 45x30 cm
- Capacity: 47 Quart