Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle 3 Liter

ITEM # 2407-08-09
YBM Home
Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle 3 Liter
ITEM # 2407-08-09

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  • SEAMLESS DESIGN - High profile 201 stainless steel teapot with cool touch ergonomic handle and engineered straight pour spout gives you a smooth serving of boiling water to make hot tea or coffee 
  • INDUCTION COMPATIBLE - Works marvelously on gas, electric, and induction cooktops. The thickened base maximizes heat conduction for fast water heating 
  • LOUD AND AUDIBLE WHISTLE - Regardless where you are in the house or how focused you are doing housework or reading the newspaper, this tea kettle has a whistle that will knock your socks off, alerting your water is boiling hot 
  • ELEGANT & MODERN LUSH ACCENT - Reflective beauty and polished to a beautiful mirror finish adds sophistication statement to your kitchen setting. You may want to place it on the stove for rainy days 
  • THE PERFECT SIZE & THREE COLORS AVAILABLE - YBM Home tea kettles are available in Gold Red or Blue.  Capacity: 3 Liters (3 Quarts) Measurements: Overall Height 8.5 in. Diameter 7.5 in.


Start your morning tea with pleasant whistling effect of YBM Home stainless steel tea kettle

Stylish Boiling Water Vessel

The YBM Home stainless steel tea kettle is a true classic masterpiece kitchen appliance with ultramodern features. Structured to be used a dozen times a day, this tea kettle is built with industry’s leading 201 stainless steel and robust layer mold process for precise performance boiling fresh water for your hot tea or coffee beverages. The mirror polished finish is reflective and enhances your kitchen setting with a modern sophisticated touch

A Perfect Water Boiler for Home, Dorm, Condo, or Apartment

The distinctive construction and shape of this marvelous tea kettle makes it timeless and aesthetically looks great in any kitchen layout and design. It is lightweight and easy to use with its ergonomic handle and pours seamlessly from the straight spout to satisfy your early morning routine with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Three Colors Available

Choose the best color to fulfill your daily hot beverages. We have three colors to go for:

- Gold
- Red
- Blue


- Capacity : 3 Liters (3 Quarts) Measurements: Overal Height  8.5 in.  Diameter: 7.5 in.