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Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon

ITEM # A1342
YBM Home
Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon
ITEM # A1342

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  • HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS STEEL serving, basting, stirring spoon, EASY TO HANDLE and comfortable to work with
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY can be used In restaurants, food shops, catering halls, Etc
  • STAINLESS STEEL SURFACE for safely leaning utensils on hot cookware, EASY TO CLEAN FINISH - Safe to use in dishwasher
  • HOLE IN HANDLE for hanging, ELEGANT STYLING for serving,


Ybm Home is serving up a beautiful line of functional, elegant tools with terrific table appeal. Hollow-handled and perfectly balanced, they are just as comfortable and useful in the kitchen as they are elegant for tableside serving.

Sturdy construction and a long handle make this dishwasher-safe slotted spoon perfect for stirring large vats of pasta, while the slots handily drain and serve new red potatoes and poached pears. Plus, because it's steel, the spoon can rest safely on hot cookware.

This Stainless steel Basting Spoon is also perfect for basting meats, skimming fat from braised dishes or broths, stirring soups and stews, and transferring cooked foods for serving. Ybm Home Stainless Steel Cooking Untensils are Kitchen tools that are an essential addition to your kitchen.

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