Plastic Kitchen Sink Protector Mat Pad Anti Slip with Drainage Holes 39-1337vc 2 Pack

ITEM # 39-1337vc-2
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Plastic Kitchen Sink Protector Mat Pad Anti Slip with Drainage Holes 39-1337vc 2 Pack
ITEM # 39-1337vc-2

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  • PROTECT YOUR SINK FROM SCRATCHES AND DENTS - YBM Home has created this sink mat protector to prevent scratches and scrapes for porcelain sinks and stainless steel. You can place heavy pots or pans straight onto the mat with no worries. Sharp knives or sharp edges are no longer a threat to your sinks.
  • NO MORE CHIPPED OR BROKEN DISHES - The sink liner pad can help prevent broken plates, glasses or dishes, as it will minimize the impact if something gets dropped. Next time you wash up with soapy, slippery hands don't worry about chipping your china or expensive glassware as the mat for sink can will provide a cushioning layer for all your breakables.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TO FIT ANY SINK - The anti-scratching plastic sink mat can fit into any size sink! All you need to do is take a pair of scissors and cut until you have the perfect sized sink grid mat. Shape: Square. Can be cut into a rectangle, or smaller square if needed. Dimensions: Width: 13 In. x Length: 16 In. x Height 0.5 In. Colors Available: Gray, Ivory or White. Materials: flexible PVC plastic
  • PREVENT BUILD UP OF ODORS AND BACTERIA - The Kitchen sink protector grid with holes provides excellent drainage. Even if there is a lot of gunk and grime in the kitchen sink, the water will drain away easily. The oval shaped drainage holes in the sink protection pad also prevent a build up of odors and bacteria.
  • EASY TO CLEAN FOR LONG LASTING - Your new sink saddle protector layer is super easy to clean. You can easily clean these sink mats with warm soapy water and then lay it flat or hang it up to air dry. Please note that sink mat will be bend and curl up if extremely hot water is used. Additionally, the sink mats wont float as they are made with heavy duty plastic.


Protect Your Sink & Dishes by Using this Durable PVC Sink Protector!

A frequently overlooked item, the sink protector mat can help you save money! Instead of going crazy when your cups and plates get chipped from doing the dishes use this mat instead. Even if something falls out your soapy hands into the sink it is unlikely to break because the mat is there to break the fall. Not only does the sink mat create a cushioning layer for your dishes or glassware; It also ensures your sink does not get scratched by sharp knives, heavy pots or edges. Lastly, it works as a great filter as well, so no large pieces of food get stuck in the drain.

Some of its Amazing Features:

The heavy duty PVC has no chemical odor and is safe for your whole family. This PVC material is also recyclable so it wont harm the environment. The sink pad will stay put in your sink and wont float to the surface.

Have a tiny sink in your kitchen or an extra-large sink?

If you need to change the shape, just take a pair of scissors and cut to size. (If you have a very big kitchen sink you may want to buy two mats and place them side by side.)

This sink protector is not just for the sink.

You can place the mat under your cutting boards, so they do not slip, use as a shelf liner, or for draining the dishes on. The large holes provide perfect drainage so no need to worry about blocking the drain in your sink. The oval shaped drainage holes in the sink protection pad also prevent a buildup of odors and bacteria.

Doing the Dishes Safely!

We want your sink to stay flawlessly smooth for the long run. Your expensive glassware or china dishes will also last much longer when you have a preventive measure in your sink. Buy Today and Say! No more scratches, scrapes or cracks with the YBM Home sink liner.