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Plastic 2 Layer Shoe Rack Small

ITEM # 2161-2162
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Plastic 2 Layer Shoe Rack Small
ITEM # 2161-2162

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  • INSTANTLY DOUBLES YOUR STORAGE SPACE - Ybmhome Space Saving Shoe Organizer is the most affordable and best solution to double your storage space by stacking one shoe on top of the other. Shoes are easily visible and accessible; Compatible with most women's shoe varieties, One size fits most standard shoe sizes.
  • ALWAYS FIND THAT PERFECT PAIR EASILY - Allows you to view your shoe collection at a glance. Keeps your shoes neat, tidy, and organized. (Remember the day you were all dressed up and ready to go but you couldnt find that second shoe of the perfect pair?) With these shoe stands you can rest assured that youll find your shoes at all times. Keep shoe pairs together--never search for a missing mate.
  • KEEPS YOUR CLOSET NEAT AND TIDY - Organizing tip from our experts: keep all floors and surfaces clear for an ultra tidy and modern look. As the old adage goes, an organized home, is an organized mind. Shoe Shelves are the perfect solution to always keep your room neat, organized and clutter free.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY, HIGHLY DURABLE, AND STURDY Ybmhome Shoe Stands, Shoe Shelves were designed by our organizing experts with you in mind. We made them in a variety of Colors so you can have the option to choose what best suits your needs, They are Safe and skip-proof, uneasy to fall off.
  • EASY TO USE AND WORKS EVERYWHERE - No additional tools or assembly required. These Compact Shoe Stands work everywhere, in closets, on shelves, or even on the floor. Double Shoe Shelves are perfect for all types of shoes from stiletto heels to sneakers.They are great for organizing women's, men's and kid's shoes. Ybmhome Shoe holders allow you to have lots of shoes AND keep them organized Measures: 5.3 in. W x 9.9 in. L x 5.5 in. H. .Available in 2 colors: Frosty White or Frosty Black


Have you met something like this? 
- In the morning, when you are in a hurry to go out but just stuck by dozens of shoes in front of your eyes, and yet you dont know which one to wear. 
- Very happy to have a dinner or date, but after 15 minutes you still didnt find the shoes you wanted. 
- More and more space was taken by new and worn shoes, and you dont know how to deal with them, most likely is just put them aside, didnt you? 

Now, the seller who has had the same situation above is telling you there is a way to help you: 
Give it a shoot on our ShoeShelf Shoe Organizer !

How is this going to work for you?
- Organize your closet/shelf/ which means you can easily find your shoes 
- Keep your shoes neat in a tidy manner
- Save a lot of space so that you can store more shoes 

Ybmhome Shoe shelves has been created with you in mind. 
We know how much you love shoes, and we know how challenging it can be to keep them all organized. Ybmhome Shoe Shelves will keep all your shoes organized, neat, and will double your storage space too. 

Simply get one shoe stand for 2 pairs of shoes and you will instantly transform the appearance of your closet. You will be amazed to see how effortless it can be to maintain perfection and how efficient finding your shoes can be.

Ybmhome Shoe Stands help your shoes remain easily accessible and organized, allowing for easy creation of outfits without rummaging through boxes or searching for missing mates. Great for maximizing space in your closet or floor shelving unit. 

Ybmhome space-saving storage units double your storage space by neatly stacking shoes one on top of the other. Easy to use, Ybmhome also organizes shoes, making it easy to find the pair you want. Perfect for all types of shoes from stiletto heels to size 14 sneakers. These compact shoe shelves are great for organizing women's , men's and kid's shoes. Perfect for anyone who needs more space. Shoe Stands from Ybmhome works on closet shelves, shoe racks, in cabinets and on the floor.

Suits for small spaces dorm rooms, childrens closets, small closets..anywhere you want to organize your shoes and still have plenty of space leftover.

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Love them
Reviewed on October 31, 2017 | Verified Purchase Great seller and product. The racks are useful and sturdy. It's amazing something so simple can be so effective. Thank you.

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