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Microwave Splatter Cover

ITEM # 33-1172
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Microwave Splatter Cover
ITEM # 33-1172

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  • KEEPS THE SPLATTER OFF THE MICROWAVE - No more messy microwave splashes! With this microwave plate cover, you can contain 99% of the splattering and reduce cleaning your electric appliance all the time
  • FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL - Unlike other food covers, we manufacture our microwave food covers under an FDA-certified facility. It is made of BPA-free plastic material and withstands heat up to 300 °F. It works as cooker and steamer during reheating
  • LOCKS STEAM FOR EVEN REHEATING - This microwave cover is highly functional in reheating moisture to evenly heat your food while keeping your microwave clean from splashes. It’s dishwasher safe and clean up is a breeze with soap and water
  • WARNING! - Avoid using it in baking mode. Do not use in the microwave for longer than 9 minutes continuously while heating, cooking, and defrosting
  • FITS STANDARD DINNER PLATES AVAILABLE SIZES: Measures 11.75 inches in diameter.


Keep Your Microwave Spotless

Tired of cleaning the messy spaghetti sauce all over the walls inside the microwave? Use the YBM Home Microwave Plate Cover to save time and hassle of cleaning your microwave every time you reheat your foods. This innovative solution is simple and practical; just place this cover over the dinner plate and close the microwave door to reheat your food without the worry of splashes or outburst of cheese.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Material

Made of food grade PP material, this microwave splatter cover is BPA FREE tested through rigorous technology to ensure no harmful substances are released during use. It’s easy to clean and can be put on the dishwasher so faster cleaning so you don’t have to scrub again.

Safety of Use

- Do not use in a conventional oven, convection microwave, toaster, stovetop, oven, or any heating element.
- Do not use in the microwave for longer than 10 continuous minutes while cooking or defrosting.

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Just what I was looking for.
Reviewed on July 18, 2022 | Verified Purchase I liked everything about it.
Nothing to dislike.

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