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Hanging 8 Pocket Handbag Organizer

ITEM # 2208
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Hanging 8 Pocket Handbag Organizer
ITEM # 2208

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  • HANDBAG HOLDER - hang the handbag storage hanger in your closet over the rod for convenient handbag and purse storage; perfect closet organizer idea!
  • HEAVY DUTY PURSE HANGER FOR CLOSET - made of solid workmanship for best storage for purses; crystal clear vinyl pockets provide easy view of contents
  • PURSE ORGANIZER - is an ideal purse storage solution for conserving shelf space; best way to organize handbags by placing them in the hanging handbag organizer; 8 pockets hold multiple bags at once; handbag organizer keep bags dust and damage free
  • HANGING ORGANIZER FEATURES - hanger style hanging purse provides flexibility to hang from rod in closet, or hook on back of door; handbag file hook has ability to turn for easy access of your accessories; horizontal insert "loops" on pocketbook storage makes it easy to use
  • Measures: 13.3 in. W x 48 in. L
  • Model # 2208


Ybmhome's Hanging Handbag File is the perfect solution for in-closet organization. Get bags and accessories off the floor, where they are unprotected and hard to get to. The vertical design allows you to store more stuff in less space, Measures: 13.3 in. W x 48 in. L.

If you got your purses all scattered about, then you'll love this handbag organizer no doubt! Ybmhome beats all imitation brands and styles, with its tough construction it'll last a long while. It features 8 plastic pockets as you can see so that your handbags will stay safe and dust free. The pockets are horizontal making it easy to use, you can store in them as many bags as you choose.

Hang it in your closet or over the door, pick the most convenient way for you to store!

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