2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable 10.5 Inch Diameter

ITEM # 2195
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2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable 10.5 Inch Diameter
ITEM # 2195
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  • A KITCHEN CABINET CAROUSEL - Rearrange your dearth of counters and organize everything for a clutter-free space with this kitchen spinner organizer. With the lazy susan, you can fill it up with all your ensemble of spices and other frequently-used items and reach anything easily by just rotating it 
  • EVERYTHING REACHABLE IN ONE SPIN - The engineered spinning wheel rotates smoothly for easy access to all of your goods. Lazy susan turntable can make the most of narrow cabinets 
  • DURABLE AND STURDY DESIGN - Made of stainless steel, this spinning organizer adds a modern style to any household. The two tier design widens storage for a more organized space in the kitchen 
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Use this two level lazy susan around the house to declutter specific spaces. It is perfect for organizing refrigerator, craft or hobby room, bathroom cabinets, closet, medicine cabinets, pantry, and much more 
  • LARGE SIZE WITH RIM - Our lazy susan is a 10-inch 2 tier turntable and features a rim that prevents items from falling off the edge. Measures 10.5 in. Diameter x 6 in. Height. 


Maximize Space and Keep Everything Within Reach

Put a New Spin on Organization
A lazy susan can make all the most frequently-used items in the kitchen much more accessible and easier to reach. Regardless of how many bottles and their sizes, this lazy susan is an unparalleled spinner organizer that holds significant weight without tipping over. Made of stainless steel with engineered spinning wheel, this organizational vessel is highly durable and brings everything in front of you in just a single spin.

Multi-Functional in Just About Every Room
Lazy susans are not only made to spin the bottles inside cabinets or cans in the pantry. You can organize your multitude of personal care products in the bathroom, or what we have seen – hold paint supplies in the studio, store hardware and tools in the garage, store toy collections in the playroom, and more.

- 10.5-Inch 2 tier turntable with rim.
- Measures 10.5 in. Diameter x 6 in. Height.